Car Phone Holder (UXD)

  • $9.00

UXD continues focusing on the car phone holder market. After years of improvement research and customer surveys, We finally developed a new suciton cup car phone holder. 80% of the generally problems encountered is reduced, like vibrates and wobbles and falling off while driving.

The suction cup achieves 20 lbs loading limit and can withstand extreme temperature changes from -20 ° F to 212 ° F. Reduced the risk of the suction cup deforming, and falling due to engine vibration, bumpy roads, and extreme heat environment.

Phones with a size between 4 - 6.5 in can be supported, like iPhone 11 Pro Max and so on. The bottom mouth is 36.36% longer than others. Why it is so designed? 1. It is convenient to plug and unplug the charging cable when the phone is charging; 2. It will not block the phone speaker; 3. It is convenient to touch the home button.

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