68" Bird Cage (BC3)

  • $150.00

【Solid Wrought Iron Cage】This rolling birdcage is carefully built with wrought iron with water- and oxidant-resistant finish for high strength and improved durability.

【Play-Top Design】On the rooftop of this parrot cage, we prepare a comfortable-to-grip wooden dowel perch, two stainless steel feeders, a ladder and an easy-to-clean tray to collect spilled feeds and dropping. This play-top birdcage is a handy choice if your birds spend most of their time outside the cage.

【Spacious & Comfy】With a size of 24" L x 22" W x 35" H, this roomy bird home with a bar spacing of 5/8 inch can easily accommodate 2-3 small to medium-sized birds like canaries, cockatiels, monk parakeets and golden parakeets.

【Make Cleaning A Breeze】The four-sided seed guard catches the spilled feeds and droppings while the slide-out tray gathers them for easy cleaning. A bottom grate prevents birds from walking directly on their excrement, ensuring your pets' health and the tidiness of the cage.

【Free To Move】The four industrial casters lend must-have mobility to this giant birdcage. With the help of the all-directional caster wheels, you can move the cage around the house freely and effortlessly.

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